White Card EDU Checklist

The following documentation must be received by us before your White Card can be sent to you. Check below for each document to find detailed instructions on how to complete the information required.
Document 1: Statement of Attainment (certificate)

Once you have completed the course and you have passed all your assessments (including the short answer responses, which have to be marked by our assessors, and your verbal questions over the phone) you will be able to access your Statement of Attainment by logging into your training dashboard.

The first step is to print a copy of your Statement of Attainment (certificate).

Document 2: Declaration Form
  1. Click on the “Declaration” button and print the Declaration Form
    Print Declaration (please DO NOT use generic statutory declaration forms)
  2. Complete the APPLICANT (top) section and sign it, remembering to keep your signature within the box provided.
  3. The OBSERVER (lower) section must be completed by a person who observed you completing the course/assessments. This can be a family member or anyone who knows it was you who took the course.

Note: The declaration is a legal document in which:

  • you declare that the work submitted during the course was your own work
  • you declare you have not received any assistance from anyone else (other than a White Card EDU representative) in the completion of the assessment
  • your observer declares that they have viewed you completing the course and undertaking the assessment.
Document 3: Certified Copy of Photographic Identification

1. Take a CLEAR photocopy of your photographic identification

  • Make sure the picture is clear enough that we could identify you
  • Make sure your name and date of birth can be clearly read

2. A Justice of the Peace (or other authorised person) must sight the original photographic identification and certify that the copy is true and correct.

What is photographic identification? Photographic identification can be either of the following:

  • Australian drivers license (current and valid)
  • passport (current and valid)
  • 18 plus card
  • school identity card

If you do not have either of the above forms of photographic identification you must provide certified copies of at least THREE other forms of identification, one of which must bear your current address, such as; work identity card, Medicare card, birth certificate, credit card, land title record, rates notice, public utility account such as for electricity, gas, water or road toll, land line telephone account, and bank account/credit card statement. If you are under 16 years-of-age, you must provided either a certified copy of your birth certificate, or certified copy of a written statement on school letterhead, by your principal confirming attendance.

Submission of your documents

Note: In order to receive your actual White Card you are required to submit the relevant documentation, as described above. You may not be allowed access to a worksite with only your Statement of Attainment. Once you have completed all documents, please send them to Urban E-Learning via one of the following methods:

  • Scan and upload directly via the website (Max. file size is 3MB)(Log in with your username and password sent to you, via email, when you first registered for the course.)
  • Post to:Urban E-Learning Pty Ltd PO Box 575 SPRING HILL QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA 4004.

Once all documentation has been received and verified by Urban E-Learning, your White Card will be sent to your nominated address via standard Australia Post mail or by Express Post if you have chosen and paid for that option. You should receive the card within 7 working days after posting if it is being sent by Standard Australia Post mail.