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Get your White Card in Brisbane

If you live in Brisbane and are looking to complete your White Card, the best option for you is to do the course online. People all over Brisbane and in fact throughout Queensland as well as other states have chosen to complete the online White Card rather than embark on training in the traditional face-to-face manner for a number of reasons.

The Online Convenience

The most obvious reason why the online White Card course is preferable is because of its sheer convenience. Nowadays most students are looking for ease and convenience which the online white card course provides.

By completing the course online you save time and money, not only on travel and time off work but also on the actual duration and cost of the course.

The course which costs just $38.50 is divided into an online section as well as a verbal section to be completed over the phone.

Never leave your home /office to complete the course

The online assessment is divided into four sections, namely identifying workplace health and safety (WH&S) requirements, training on identification of construction hazards and control measures, WH&S communications and reporting processes and the final section deals with incident response.

Done in one sitting the online assessment can be completed in a few hours, most of our students finish the online portion within 3 or 4 hours. It can also be over a longer period of time in shorter sessions if it suits you.

The final portion of the course includes a verbal assessment of your knowledge as mandated by the OH&S regulations. This involves a short phone call to one of our assessors during working hours and takes just 10 to 15 minutes.

Once you have completed the assessments you need to fill in a form and forward it together with your ID’s signed as Certified copies and upload them to our system.

You should receive your White Card within a few days in the mail to use in Brisbane, throughout Queensland or in any other state you wish.

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