White Card Melbourne – Easier Online!

Complete the White Card Course in Melbourne

The White Card is just a little plastic card but it is invaluable if you want to work on a construction site anywhere in Melbourne because it is proof that you have completed Construction Industry Induction Training, a mandatory requirement under OHS legislation.

Most construction workers in Melbourne and throughout the state have chosen to complete their induction training online.

The online course teaches people how to work safely on a construction site by covering topics such as how to avoid injury and illness and workers compensation procedures.

It’s Easier Online

You can now join thousands of satisfied construction workers who have chosen to complete their White Card training online.

Ask any of our past students what the best part about the online course was for them and most will say its convenience and ease. It’s easier when compared to traditional face-to-face training.

There is no complicated registration process or costly travel expenses. You simply register online and complete the online and verbal assessments. All you need is access to a computer, an internet connection, a printer and a phone.

Course Details

The course consists of 2 parts, an online assessment divided into 4 sections and a short verbal assessment. The online assessment can be completed over a period of time or within a single sitting whenever you have spare time, even in the evenings.

The verbal telephone based assessment has to be done during office hours but takes only 10 or 15 minutes to complete.

Thereafter you fill in a form and upload it to our system with a certified copy of your ID. Our staff will dispatch your White Card to you within 3 or 4 days. You should receive the card in the mail, the cost of the postage is included in your $38.50 registration fee.

If you’re interested click here to start the course now!

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