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How to Get a White Card in Sydney

If you live in Sydney and plan to work in the construction industry, you are most likely already aware that you first need to complete Construction Industry Induction Training or The White Card course.

These days, the preferred method of completing this training is online because of its ease of delivery, cost efficiency, time saving capacity and sheer convenience. Anyone who has access to a computer, an internet connection, a telephone and a printer can get their white card online and complete the course anywhere it suits them, at home or in the office.

The online course allows students to fit the training into their existing schedule rather than having to rearrange it as they would for traditional training in a classroom environment. The course can be completed in one sitting or broken up over a period of time.

According to the NSW WorkCover Authority, construction workers can work in NSW using valid construction induction cards issued by all states and territories. If you live in Sydney and complete your online White Card here in NSW, the qualification will be recognised across the country. This means that your card is valid throughout Australia, allowing you to work across state borders.

How it works

The first step is to register, then make payment for the course. The cost is just $38.50 which includes the postage for the dispatch of the White Card to you.

Next, you will complete the online portion of the course. This part of the assessment contains four sections covering topics such workplace health and safety requirements, identifying hazards and control measures, as well as communications, reporting procedures and incident response procedures.

Once the online assessment has been completed, you can call one of our assessors using our 1300 number during business hours and complete a short telephonic assessment. This takes only a few minutes and is much less intimidating than completing traditional exams or tests.

Following the completion of the assessments, students complete a declaration form in the presence of a witness and upload it together with a copy of their ID to our system. Your White Card will be dispatched within a few days.

To take the first step towards getting your White Card and start the course, Click Here to Start Course Now!

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