OHS White Card – Online White Card 24-7

Get your OHS White Card Online

Now you can get your White Card online as mandated by OHS regulations throughout Australia as compulsory for all workers in the construction industry.

The OHS White Card is more conveniently obtained online which is why thousands of workers throughout Oz have opted for it.

Gain access into the construction industry

All workers working in construction including contractors, labourers, apprentices, builders, trades-persons, supervisors and project managers must undergo mandatory Construction Industry Induction Training also known as The White Card before beginning work on a site.

The easiest and most popular way to fulfil this OHS requirement is to complete the course online. You don’t need to waste time travelling to your training provider, you simply log in via your own personal computer anytime 24-7 and complete the online assessment.

All you need is your computer, internet connection and printer

The online assessment usually takes just 3 or 4 hours to complete if done all at once or can be broken up over time. This portion is broken up into 4 sections covering the issues pertinent to construction site safety.

Once you’ve successfully completed the online assessments, you call our call centre where one of our assessors will issue a verbal assessment. This takes only a few minutes and can be conducted during office hours. Once you register we will provide you with the 1300 number you need to call for the verbal assessment.

The final thing for you to do is fill in a form and send it with your ID’s to us, via an upload to our system. Thereafter you simply wait for your White Card to be sent to you in the mail. It should take a few days but if it takes more than 7 days and you haven’t received it, you can contact one of our staff who will assist you.

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