Getting Your White Card in NSW

For those wanting to work in the construction industry, or even just visit a site where construction work is being undertaken, you’ll need to complete specific training in accordance with the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work in Australia to obtain a White Card.

White Card students in NSW and throughout Australia can obtain their White Card by completing online training or attending traditional face to face sessions. If you have access to a PC, an internet connection and a printer you can complete the online White Card EDU course.

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Why should you complete your training online?

Most students choose to complete the online option because of its convenience and cost. It also takes a lot less time to complete. The average student completes the online component of the course in a few hours, either in one sitting or over several shorter sessions – the choice is yours!

Once the online portion of the course has been completed, you will complete the assessments to ensure that you’ve grasped the safety information contained in the course. This includes a telephonic assessment which takes only 10-15 minutes to complete.

The good news is that there are no exams to sit through and the online version of the course is comprehensive and easy to understand.

Finish the training, get your White Card, and get to work – simple!

Once the online and telephone assessments have been completed, you simply complete a declaration form, get it signed by a JP or C. Dec. and send it through to us with certified copies of your ID.

Once your documents are received, it takes just two or three working days for your White Card to be dispatched. You will receive your White Card in the mail, after which you can begin work in construction-related fields anywhere in Australia, because the qualification is nationally recognised.

The online course costs only $38.50 to complete which is payable on commencement of the course and includes the postal dispatch of your White Card once all the requirements mentioned above have been met.  Express Delivery is available for an extra $12.

If you’re interested and want to find out more information, or you want to start the course, click here and start working towards your White Card today!

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