White Card NT – 24-7 Training Convenience!

Get your White Card – Northern Territory (NT)

The most effortless way of obtaining your White Card in The Northern Territory is completing the online course.
According to regulation workers in the construction industry in The NT must complete general construction induction training before carrying out construction work.

In The NT and throughout Oz the approved unit of competency is CPCCOHS1001A ‘Work safely in the construction industry’, commonly known as The White Card.

This White Card training can only be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and once obtained, is recognised nationally in all states including The NT.

24-7 Training Convenience

The best part about the online course is the 24-7 training convenience, something you don’t get from any other method of learning.

It also saves you a lot of time and money. The course is generally completed in 3 or 4 hours but you can choose to complete it in smaller chunks of time over a longer period.

Once you have registered and paid for the course (just $38.50) you can commence with the online part of the assessment. This covers workplace health and safety (WH&S) requirements, construction hazards and control measures, WH&S communications and reporting processes and incident response.

Once the online portion of the course is completed, you can complete the verbal assessment which is conducted over the telephone. You simply call one of our assessors during business hours using the 1300 number we provide you. This should take just 10-15 minutes to complete.

Students that have completed the online and verbal assessments then need to fill in a form and send it with your ID’s signed as Certified copies to our offices by uploading them to our system.

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