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Get your White Card in Tasmania 24-7 Online

If you live in Tasmania and are interested in working in the construction industry, you can now complete the mandatory construction induction training course online, any time.

The construction induction training course, known as The White Card, is a mandatory requirement for anyone engaging in work on a construction site in Australia. Regardless of your experience, position or rank you have to be in possession of the White Card to work on a building or construction site. Even if you are temporarily employed, a contract worker, holiday worker or casual employee, if your work takes you onto a construction site, the law states that you must have a valid White Card.

Nationally Recognition

According to Workplace Standards Tasmania, mutual recognition arrangements between states and territories throughout Oz allows workers in the construction industry to move across borders without having to undergo separate training in each jurisdiction. In other words once you have completed your online White Card course, it is nationally recognised.

Because the course is completed online, it is accessible 24-7.

This allows you to complete the course whenever you have spare time and can access a computer. You will also need an internet connection and a printer to print out your assessment results.

The price of the online course is significantly less than other forms of training at only Aud$67. In addition to saving on the cost of the course, you also save on travel expenses.

You needn’t take time off to complete the assessments. The online portion takes only 3-4 hours and the verbal assessment, conducted over the telephone usually takes only 10-15 minutes. While the online assessments can be completed 24-7, the verbal assessment must be done during office hours.

After you fill in the declaration form, you upload it to our system together with your ID’s signed as Certified copies. Our staff will dispatch your White Card within a few working days and you should receive it in the mail shortly afterwards.
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