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Complete your White Card in Victoria

If you live in Victoria and want to get your White Card qualification, you’ll be pleased to hear that the state now accepts Online White Cards, according to WorkSafe Victoria.

In addition to the online White Card being valid in Victoria, it is also nationally recognised. This means that if you live and work in Victoria and complete your online White Card course, the card is valid for work in the construction industry anywhere in Australia.

Getting your White Card opens construction industry doors

The course is aimed at all those working in the building and construction fields. Thousands of self-employed contractors, labourers, apprentices, builders, tradespeople, supervisors and project managers have opted for the online White Card because it’s the most convenient way of completing the mandatory construction industry induction course.

The easiest and cheapest way to get your White Card in Victoria is online. It is also the most hassle-free method because all you need is access to a phone, a computer, an internet connection and a printer. This is much more convenient than having to attend a whole day of face-to-face training. All the learning is done on your terms, either in one single session or broken up over smaller periods of time.

Completing assessments is easy and efficient

If you complete the course all in one go, it usually takes three to four hours to finish the online part of the assessment. Then, you need to make a phone call to one of our assessors to complete the telephonic assessment. This should be done during office hours and takes only a few minutes.

Once the telephonic and online portions of the assessment are completed, it is just a matter of sending us your documents, the signed declaration form and certified copies of your ID. We will dispatch your White Card within two to three business days and you can begin your career in the construction sector.

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